In this video I go through the hardware that I will use, to create a custom Micro USB to Samsung UART adapter. The upcoming videos will go through the different stages of creating this adapter, and finally a demonstration of it in action. This was quite a challenging project, primarily because of the components I decided to use.

Special Thanks:
– Josh (First elite supporter!)

Warranty Disclaimer: Accessing the UART console on your Samsung device may void the warranty and in some cases even brick your device (i.e. make it unusable).

Safety Disclaimer: Soldering irons are tools that should be handled properly as they can easily cause injury. Soldering thread containing lead is toxic and should not be exposed to open wounds. If you do a lot of soldering, then you should consider wearing some thin gloves. (Not plastic!)

Always wash your hands after handling lead. If you’re going to eat something while soldering, then wash your hands first. Keep food and drinks away from your working table too.

Lead-free solder thread is not without risks too, as it’s harder to use, and the increased fumes it may produce are in return more toxic. Consider using a fume extractor if you do a lot of soldering.

Soldering Iron:
– Velleman VTSS4N (

Soldering Thread:
– 60Sn/40Pb (60% Tin / 40% Lead) 0.6mm with rosin/resin core (

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