Check up on some of the latest hacking news with Crazy Danish Hacker from July 15 to July 22!

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Bitcoin Exchange Operator Arrested:

Remote Admin Tool Developer Faces Jail:

One Million Dollar Bank Heist By MoneyTaker:

OSINT Ransom:

GPS Spoofing Redirects Drivers:

GPS Spoofing by Crazy Danish Hacker:

Microsoft 100,000$ Bug Bounty:

Julian Assange and Equador Embassy:

Calisto Trojan for MacOS:

Singapore Healthcare Hacked:


Cisco Backdoor:

PayPal Venmo App Exposes Transactions:

More Bugs In Intel CPUs:

XSS Protection Removed From Edge:

Passwords For Thousands Of Dahua Devices Exposed:

Note: This is not the only known bug in the outdated firmware.

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