In this video I show how to crack and decrypt SMS from start to finish with an RTL-SDR and a Kraken server! All of the required steps are shown, using a manual approach to better understand how input for Kraken is generated. Everything you need to know is in this video.

Note: Even with a working Kraken server, you’re not guaranteed to crack all A5/1 encrypted bursts. You may have to call your mobile phone (you’ll receive a new Kc), and then capture traffic from your mobile phone again while you send yourself SMS’.

Topics covered:
– Installing airprobe
– Installing gsmframecoder
– Using Make With Multiple Jobs
– Forcing 2G Mode on iPhone 4S
– Field Test Mode on iPhone 4S
– Finding the SDCCH8 Timeslot
– Finding the iPhone 4S TMSI Without Knowing It
– Verifying Our Device Uses A5/1 Encryption
– System Information Packets (SI5, SI5Ter, SI6)
– GSM Frame Numbers
– Finding Potentially Encrypted SI5 Candidates (i.e. packets/frames)
– Sorting Decoded GSM Packets by Subslot
– GSM Frame Bursts In Practice (i.e. How To Find Them and How They Work)
– Using gsmframecoder to Decode an Unencrypted Burst (SI5 Packet/Frame)
– Timing Advance with System Information 5 Packets
– Modified Frame Numbers (Used for A5/1 Decryption)
– XOR’ing the Unencrypted SI5 Bursts with the Encrypted SI5 Burst
– Using Kraken to Crack the XOR’d SI5 Bursts
– Using find_kc to Find the (Symmetric) Encryption/Decryption Key
– Using grgsm_decode to Decode the Encrypted SMS’

Tools covered:
– grgsm_decode (
– (
– gsmframecoder (
– Kraken (
– find_kc (See above)
– (

Disclaimer: The contents of this video is meant for educational purposes only. Only decrypt your own traffic. Anything else may be illegal.

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